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Akanksha and Patrick

A quick phone call is all it took for this wonderful sweet bride and me to connect with each other and know that our styles jelled and we were a good match. A face to face meeting with the couple and their families in the next few days sealed the deal. Yes, the bride was reviewing other options but it's all about making sure there is the comfort level, trust and a feeling of working with someone that has your back.


There began our journey of a beautiful fall wedding. The bride wanted to incorporate fall theme with bright colors and was open to fresh ideas. I got to the drawing board and started with the bright orange fall color and took it further to incorporate another bold bright color, fuchsia, that paired beautifully with the orange and bride's dress. I was told later that the bride was in love with the mandap so much that she watched the decor more than listening to the pandit's rituals (Oops!). But that's what we are here for. To create that effect, to mesmerize the bride and to make her dreams come true!


An elegant backdrop with mixed Gold tones and White backdrop made a beautiful setup for the evening with subtle fall themed items incorporated in the surrounding decor.

Make that call, send that email and let us start your journey to make your dreams come true!

1. It takes only a phone call to start the journey
2. We will be there all along the way
3. A Picture perfect day for the dream vision

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