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Meet Aneesha

Company Motto:

If you can Dream it....We can create it...

Hi ! I am Aneesha.

A Wedding Planner, Designer and Event Management Expert.

I am from India, which part you ask? Well, I was brought up in North India for the first part of my childhood and moved back to South India, where I was born. I consider myself lucky to have been a part of both the cultures and cuisines of my home country. I never thought how handy that exposure would be for me in my company.

I started my career in the IT industry where I enjoyed success in software development and management line. Program management, organizing, team leadership and working well with people came naturally to me.


I had the pleasure of learning a variety of art forms as a child into my teens and simply loved Indian classical dance, Hindustani music, playing string instruments and painting.

Entertaining friends, home parties mixed with fun and creativity just made me feel blissful and joyous. 

Encouraged by friends and wanting to use my creative and entertainment skills in addition to my management skills, I decided to take the bold step to switch from my successful career to do something of my own. Hence the birth of my company ....

Life Belief:

If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life - Marc Anthony


The Small Details

The birth of TaranaOM is the result of the passion I have towards dance, music and various other art forms. My natural tendency towards being creative, conjuring unique ideas, inventiveness and high quality services, help transform the arena to an abode that adds life, to the artists rhythm and expressions, the brides excitement and anticipation, and bring their dreams to reality.

Planning a wedding can be complex and daunting. That's where I come in, with my combined skill set of first hand experience in managing complex projects with detailed tasks down to the weeds and my natural creative side with the exposure to arts from a very young age. I ensure comfort and ease to the bride & groom and their parents throughout the process. 

I love to see the elation in my clients eyes when they see their dream vision come to life ! That's what I am here for. 

Reach out to me for a quick coffee or shoot me an email to let me know your dream vision and I will strive hard to make it a reality !

F un facts

  • Married with two wonderful children who complete me.

  • I love to travel! My most memorable trip has been to Africa! I was awestruck by its expanse grasslands, serene naturistic beauty and the simple joyous lives of the beautiful people of that nation. Recently I added Iceland to my list of places I traveled and was enamored of its landscape. Mother nature has so much beauty to offer.

  • I believe we must all give back to the Society. I am a part of a wonderful Non-Profit Organization - EKAL NE Chapter that is on a mission to bring basic education and hygiene to every child across rural India.

  • I am a true Indian by heart and love my chai :) with one cup of coffee in the morning to get going. 

  • I believe that you have to experience everything in life at least once. Wondering what those are .... skiing, superman, cricket, badminton, climbing a tree and, yes falling from it too, mountain climbing, hiking, biking, snuba diving, learning how to swim as an adult, driving in America for the first time in my life (it was quite an adventure!!). 

  • I cannot wait to add skydiving to the list.

  • Destination weddings have been on my radar to add as a service, and am glad to say I have finally achieved that goal too. It's a perfect culmination of my love for travel and what I do everyday!


I am not complete without mentioning my mom who was the force behind every talent I possess.

I know she is showering all her love and blessings on me from up above !

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me. I love to meet people and can't wait to get to know you. Look forward to hearing from you soon to start your event planning :)

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