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Pratiksha and Johnathan

We become a part of the family when we work with our wonderful brides and their mothers. 

When the Mehndi artist is a close family friend for years, the chef prepares a traditional menu for over a 150 people single handedly with each pinch of salt and dash of spice being personally added to the dishes, and does this as his passion and not profession and the venue is as auspicious as it can get - in the premises of the temple, then it only makes sense that the wedding planner acts as another member of the family providing support like we knew each other for years and years !

That was the vibe working with this sweet bride and her mom. 

Décor was traditional as well with a hand-made weave pattern backdrop, coconut leaf matkas, pure brass diyas to welcome the guests and gorgeous florals of various colors to adorn the mandap.

It was Pure joy, to be considered part of the family as we worked together towards the BIG day!

Make that call, send that email and let us start your journey to make your dreams come true!

1. It takes only a phone call to start the journey
2. We will be there all along the way
3. A Picture perfect day for the dream vision

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