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A Sweet Couple
We respect the privacy of our couples when they ask for it

Working closely with the brides to bring every tiny detail of their vision to life is the most rewarding experience of a wedding planner and decorators job. 

Over 10 months of meticulous planning, hours of exciting discussions and a ton of fun research later the bride and I came up with the exact centerpieces, welcome arch, entryway décor, the mandap itself and small details at the Reception to highlight all their personal touches and details throughout the venue.

Being a Fusion wedding where two cultures unite and have fun to understand the rituals of the other, we wanted the centerpieces to reflect the Indian wedding themes from the different states and that's what we did. Couples with traditional attire from three Indian states on an elegantly hand painted Elephant with flower petals and votives. Don't miss seeing the pictures.

The Reception décor included small suitcases to depict the love the couple had for traveling the world. Entryway boasted a BIG Ganesha murti, the Lord that blesses every function to go smooth without a hitch and that's exactly how it went !

From custom made traditional temple like gold pillars to modern purple/ pink colorful drapes, this wedding was like a fairy tale coming to life. The mandap overlooking the beautiful vineyard with the wedding day sporting lovely pleasant weather and soft breeze just made for a perfect splendid wedding. 

Make that call, send that email and let us start your journey to make your dreams come true!

1. It takes only a phone call to start the journey
2. We will be there all along the way
3. A Picture perfect day for the dream vision

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